Disharmony in Family and Marriage

Switch Words

WITH means is to be compatible with the opposite or concerned person.

Chant the switch words, “TOGETHER DIVINE WITH … (Name of the person)” when you want the other person to agree with you.

When you want a harmonious atmosphere chant CLEAR TOGETHER DIVINE WITH. If you chant this switch word combination, the atmosphere will change beautifully.

Don’t bother about the names of the persons who need harmony. Just chant CLEAR TOGETHER DIVINE WITH.  Still it works beautifully.

At the subconscious level of the mind there is no ‘you’ and ‘me’. Everything is one. At the subconscious level there is no differentiation, all are one.

The difference is because of the body, and of the mind’s association with the body. That’s why we see the difference between each other

Bach Flower Remedies

Resolving the destructive tendencies – if relationship is to be mended then take the following remedies:

  • AGRIMONY for open communication
  • BEECH to understand other’s point of view; to have tolerance
  • WILLOW to stop blaming and to forgive
  • WALNUT to adjust and to be compromising
  • CHERRY PLUM not to burst out
  • HOLLY for suspicion and back biting
  • CHICORY to give and not to force one

Naran’s Products

From the introduction of Inner Smile CD: “We normally ignore our organs. We always take the body for granted. The day when we send our love, our smile to the organs, they become our friends. A friendly relationship with our organs is a must to maintain our harmony outside. If there is conflict or disharmony in others, become silent and send your love to your organs. A weekly listening of the CD will establish harmony in every aspect of our life”.

Rule your Mind

How to purchase the harmony I seek in my life? Ask a simple question to yourself.

What do I want?

What emotions or thoughts I need to have so that I can achieve what I want.

What behavior of mine or my action will take me move towards this goal?

On the other hand, what state of mind will take me away from my goal – my anger or forgiveness, my worry or my endurance (giving love in spite of not receiving), and my sadness or my fortitude?

About NaranTeam

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. My friend would like to know if she can chant for harmonious marital relationship of her sister and sister’s husband

    Can she chant

    CLEAR TOGETHER DIVINE WITH (name of her sister) (name of her sister’s husband)

  2. Hello Sir,its not anything about me but about my friend.he is a genuine guy,wel established wel behave at all.he is married and love his wife,fulfil al her desires and also dutiful.but he has one thing which i find bad is that he is physicaly attached with other woman.he said he is nt cheating his wife as he love and care for her a lot,but for his physical satisfaction he need others.i suggested Together divine but don’t think thats enouph to remove this habbit.he is ready to chant Sw but can’t tk any pills.can u help by any mean,as a friend i know he is gentleman but want him to realise that its nt good habit.

  3. Mehul,
    he has to take the remedies, if he wants to rectify. why do you interfere in your life? If he cant take pills leave him to his fate.

  4. Nothing can b simple like this chant.but if we nt use any name and just keep chanting ‘TOGETHER DIVINE WITH’,then how cn our sub-concious came to know with whom we want harmony?i mean is our inner intension is enouph?

  5. madhu,
    the conscious mind does not know anything and always doubts.

  6. Hi Naran,
    can i chant as stated below to get my husband back and give true love
    “my husband name and my name together divine love “

  7. hanykm
    just together divine is enough

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