Not willing to get married

A girl was refusing to get married.  Her parents attended a meeting organized at Raj Bhavan, Chennai.

In the booklet given to participants, they found the explanation for the switch word HOLD.

They chanted it for a while, imagining their daughter. In a few weeks’ time, she agreed to get married.

Hold: is for discipline (to hold one’s self from going in the wrong direction)


About Naran

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Naran Ji,

    My husband is fond of other girls. He is physically involved with many girls and is not keeping any relation with me. He has no interest in me. He hardlt talks to me….How can i stop him going to other girls

  2. Sir,
    I want to tell you about the events which happened after my friend chanted CLEAR TOGETHER DIVINE WITH (name of her sister) (name of her sister’s husband)
    My friend used to chant 200 times in the morning and continue her chanting throughout the day.
    She also wrote 21 times in a note book for 21 days.
    The result of chanting was that The boy wanted to work their marriage.
    The girl who got separated and staying with her parents went back to her in-laws house.
    Both boy and girl are stubborn people and have ego. The girl has a slighter edge in maintaing her ego compared to boy.
    Sir, now my friend wants to know what she should chant so that the girl also will put a little effort to work out the marriage.
    Should she continue to chant
    CLEAR TOGETHER DIVINE WITH (name of her sister) (name of her sister’s husband)
    or Together Divine (name of her sister) (name of her sister’s husband)
    Can she draw concentric circles and write the name of girl and boy and write bach harmony flowers names or Jelly Fish name and Pray everyday?
    How to Pray to Jelly Fish or Blue whale to bring harmony between girl and boy?
    Sir, Please help my friend so that she can continue chanting under your guidance and her sister and sister’s husband will work out their differences and live with happiness and peace.
    Thanking You

  3. Sai

  4. naranji, when ever something good is happening in our house, their arise a misunderstanding between us. that good thing will turn into bad. Ex. marriage- when sister accepts, that may not be liked by mother, father, brother, because of this marriage is getting delayed of my sister , and each of them quarrel very badly, and there is no harmony in our family.

  5. my parents quarrel very badly sir, what to do sir,

  6. inspite of many efforts my sister is not able to get married, my parent are not putting efforts to search boy, what to do sir, if she raise the questions, there will be a severe dishormony in the family, how to come out from this.

  7. malar,
    buy harmony remedies from the center and put 6 to 7 pills in common drinking water.

  8. I am 34 year old girl .father having too much debt. N they are too much worried for me. Before one year one boy proposeme for marriage .but that time I am not ready .bcz in past I hurted by so many boys for marriage.n than now after talk with that boy I really love him and cant live without him but he dont want to marry with me now. I want to marry him. My parents are too much in stress because of me.because of age .there is no good proposal for me. N I love that boy.can I guide me so that boy ready to marry me as soon as possible.please help

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