A pleasant wedding day


Referring the article: http://theflowerangels.wordpress.com/2013/06/12/be-happy-dont-worry/

I read your article about the Bach Flower Remedy GENTIAN. Actually, I am the same kind of unlucky person.

So, I wanted to use it on my wedding day. From the morning I chanted GENTIAN and HONEY SUCKLE.

The following incidents happened:

  • First thing in the morning my son didn’t cry much to go to school that day.
  • After his schooling we went to temple with the fear it may be closed. But, I was surprised to see it was open and we saw “Uchi Kala Pooja” (mid-day prayers).
  • Then we went for the lunch in a very good hotel. Usually, when we go for lunch, my situation will be that I will never get a dish which I order. My son will never eat nor leave me to eat peacefully. But what happened that day was we chose a buffet. Next it was a hotel with metro train interiors where my son could enjoy a lot and ate too.
  • Usually, I regret any kind of purchase I make. This time, my husband wanted to gift me a watch. When we went to the store, I didn’t find anything satisfied. Suddenly my husband pointed a beautiful one, which was out of our budget. However, he happily got it for me.
  • Then at night we went for a movie (since my son was born, first time we went to theatre after 3 years). I was scared as to how to handle my nagging son. Luckily we got corner seat and my son was enjoying walking up and down while we enjoyed the movie.

On the whole, that day was a total surprise to me. Really it is the most pleasant day.

Thanks for all your help.


To remain satisfied of your actions: GENTIAN

With no regrets: HONEY SUCKLE


About Naran

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. wow,great experience,my humble prayers to Bach flowers and Naran ji

  2. Respected Sir,
    My father is 72 years old and mother is 62 years old. Father is retired school headmaster. Very knowledgable person. Both are diabetic patients. Father is a laziest person and does not involve in any activity. Sleep, eat, sleep, eat is his routine. He ill treats my mother, scolds her using abused words, threatens her as he would kill her. Doubting her whole life. Linking with everyone who is talking with her, helping her. Even if they are of her son’s or grand son’s age it does not matter to him. He will simply say you two are doing bad when I go out of the house. He is abusing her every day whenever possible. If we children ask him why he is this way he says he only know about her. Before our marriage he harassed us and now we did not want to go close to him. He is asking my mom to commit suicide. I can keep writing so many. At least if his harassment towards my mother could be resolved I will be relieved.

  3. Dear visitors! Ask all your questions on the website reachnaran.com. Naran will not answer here. Naran answers your questions on the website reachnaran.com. Best of luck.

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