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Naran S Balakumar

  1. palak srivastava

    dear sir,
    I have just come across your website and find it very interesting. my family has many problems, no one is happy, we dont want to argue but we we always argue with each other. there is obstructions in everything my family members do. everybody is having health problems. my parents are trying for my sister and my brother’s marriage but its not happening. please suggest something

  2. palak srivastava
    Buy Harmony pack from the center. Put the 6 to 7 pills in common water and let everybody have that water

  3. sir
    I have problem of headache ‘migraine’ which is very severe. please give me some switch words that will help me

    take the flower remedies MUSTARD HORNBEAM RESCUE REMEDY.
    PUT 10 PILLS EACH IN 200ml water and start sipping when the migrain starts.
    Daily in the night before sleep, take whitchestnut Mustard aspen, 5 pills each

  5. Dear Naranji,
    I’m 25 years old. My parents are in very old age. Still I’ve not married. But I don’t care about for that. I want my parents with healthy for a longtime. Because they are suffering with health problems.Every month one of them will take hospital admission. This is making me too much depression. i love them a lot. I want them back with healthy and energetic as before. Please help me. What I’ve to do? I’m having a desire that they have to do marrige with full of happiness and they’ve to spend their life with my kid.

    • Hi Pooja,

      Read your query : )

      I am sure Sir will help you with your query.. but I totally understand your situation ..I am there too

      I just wanted to say .. I will pray for you to get married soon and with a perfect person who will keep you happy all your life ! : )

      You deserve a happy life ..Take care : )


  6. Hello Sir,

    How are you doing? It’s been very long since I wrote in to you : )

    I faced something so wonderful today.. I had to tell you about it.

    I had to travel on account of work last Friday and had carried the company’s recorder with me.. Somehow.. some strange reason the cover of the recorder which holds the batteries was lost/misplaced.. I tried very hard but couldn’t locate it at all.. I was tensed about it teh whole weekend as I would have had to answer my senior about it and shes VERY strict

    Anyway I reached office this morning and looked for help on the inetrnet ..from teh distributors and it looked very difficult as nobody would have given only a small part of a product..

    Meanwhile.. all the time I was praying hard to Hanumanji.. VERY hard.. I asked him to help me in this situation.. and guess what? I spoke to a colleague and there he had another recorder which wasn’t working and hence he could give me the spare cover without anybody knowing about my msitake!!!

    How strange? Too much of a coincidence isn’t it? : ) I was so grateful to God!! Life is amazing.. isn’t it?

    : )

    Btw.. I am still looking out for a guy to get married to.. It is tiring but am sure something will happen on that front too.. hopefully : )

    I would want a guy who doesn’t drink or smoke.. It is quite difficult to find such a person in today’s generation.. but I insist on the universe to give me what I want : )

    You think I will get it? Please let me knwo your thoughts on the same! 🙂

    : )

    Loads of respect ,

  7. Dear Naran,

    Please please help me. My husband has left me and our baby daughter for another woman. I am absolutely devastated. He is acting so mean and cruel to me, he is so unlike himself. He is suffering with depression and I’m very worried he is making big decisions when he isn’t well. Please help me bring my husband back from this woman. I love him so so much and all he ever wanted was a family. It seems since our baby girl was born he has not been able to cope with the stress and pressure. Please help me to separate him from this woman and bring him home where he belongs. I love him so so much and know I can make him happy if I could get him home again. Please help me break him up from this woman.

    Thank you so much for reading this, I am so unhappy and if you can help I would be forever grateful,


  8. Dear Naran Sir,
    Please help me. I am very much upset with my husbands behaviour,i feel he has not disconnected the relationship with the other woman who is our neighbour. i feel he always lies with me. I am sincerely chanting “Gentian Together Divine” from past three months.
    i am listening “release resistance ” & “welcome change” . I am very much depressed please guide me sir i want my husband to get rid of his bad habit & be cordial with me.

  9. jaya
    do the forgiving exercise. Take the flower remedies Agrimony whitechestnut walnut crab apple

  10. dear sir,
    as per ur advice i am chanting forgiving exercise for my husband & also taking flower remedies agrimony,whirechestnut walnut crabapple in water.
    now i feel i have control over my anxiety and i feel i have change in my way of thinking.thanks a lot sir.but in one corner of my hearts says my husband still meets the lady secretly. but i am not getting any strong evidence for this.
    and some how he will be close to the people whom i dont like.he expects me to only just listen to whatever he says,if i question over any small issue he makes big fight with me.yesterday i asked about a small issue of money matter that he gave to his sister son.he made big quarrel & throwed his breakfast plate away.& in the night he raised the issue and abused me hitting from the broom & broke my mobile into piceses and stamped my laptop on the table in anger.i am very much disturbed from his behaviour.he expects me to always listen blindly what ever he tells & he wont share the feelings with me and i should not make my comments in the family in any matter .if anything it will be discussed with his sister or with his brother.i have no value to my opinion. .i am desparate to chant the mantras also sir.
    please help me sir.shall i conntinue with the same flower remedy ?

  11. sir,
    he always critisizes me in front of my daughter. she is already 12 yrs now.sometimes
    she also wont listens to me.she is not concentrating on her studies properly.
    i fear that she may also aganist me.please guide me sir.

  12. sir,
    today also my husband made a big quarrel.i am totally blank sir.
    please help me sir.

  13. Jaya
    pls read this taken from Naran sir’s article:-

    Chant Guru Guhan Kodi Kodi Lavanyam
    This mantra works on the heart chakra. It is for Lord Subramanya Swamy (Muruga).
    The meaning behind it is: Guru Guhan (in cave), Kodi Kodi (millions and millions of rays of light) and Lavanyam (most beautiful – Lavanyam).
    Yam in “Lavanyam” releases the feeling of sadness and unwanted attachment in a relationship.
    Whenever you feel distressed about your son, daughter and husband, this mantra will release attachment, while your love for them will be sustained. We should understand the difference between love and attachment. Out of attachment we direct or control our children. After detachment, you can continue to regulate them. You will know what to say and how to say.

    R Mohan

    pls confirm

  14. Thanks R mohan & thanks to Naran Sir
    Im so away from Naran sir but i always feel his blessings

  15. Hi Naran Sir,

    As stated earlier, my husband is in bad habit of dating girls and having physical relationship with new-new girls and even with girls who do this for money. He has no interest in em and accepts this. He says I will not stop doing this you do whatsoever you can. He also drinks a lot – almost half bottle daily.
    I have two small children and want to save my home.

    Pls help me

  16. Dear Naran Ji
    I need your help. One of my husband’s relative, who is 65 years old has a problem with his wife. She is 60 years. Lately she has become mentally disturbed. She does not take care of her hygiene and complains that her husband is abusing her. She calls her relatives and even the police to complain. But he is a caring person, and even with his commanding job he cooks at home and provides. Now though he is retired he cannot live a peaceful life due his wife’s behavior.This is causing him lot of stress and embarrassment. Please advise what to do.
    Thank you

  17. hi naran ji ,
    please help me with my situation , i am really depressed now , please help me with a solution. i am in search of bride for long time but i am not getting any good match . its been years since it started . kindly give some mantras for my marriage soon .

  18. naran ji,
    im divorced from last 5 years, my parents are searching groom for me, im 29 years old, I wanted to start my own boutique but things are not getting right, now I have put on the weight, please suggest some remedies to over come from all these peoblems.

  19. Hi Naran,

    what to do to get married soon.


  20. sir,
    i am in dire strait. as per ur instruction i have chanting “adjust together change devine order” so that my husband withdraws divorce. but he is so adament. please help me. h am going through stress which only my bloodsugar and my BP. my MIL is insisting him to do this please help only 1 hearing is left

  21. Naranji, you are helping millions and millions solving their problems in life. Kindly suggest remedy for my niece. She is 33 years of age. She is engineer by profession and having a reasonable job. She is good looking but somewhat dark in colour. She also has Moola Nakshtra. So getting rejected mostly on these two grounds. Her brother got married one and half year back and now this girl is creating lot of problem for brother and his wife. She also goes and knocks on door when the couple is sleeping. She finds faults with brothr and sister in law. She is basically frustrated and she did not felt loved by anybody in the family. Please sir, help her in getting married to suitable good boy and tell me what she should do or what her mother or I can do for her to get married.

    Also my sister has show her horoscope to some Pandits and they said it is difficult for this girl to get married.
    Naranaji I am her aunt. Her mother and I will do any thing to get her married. Please suggest something so that this girl get married and stay happily ever after
    I have posted this on number of your sites not knowing where to put my questions.
    With pranams

  22. Dear sir,
    I have been married now for 2yrs…since 6mnths of our marriage,my in-laws started creating problem between me and my husband,but still he was with me…but now since last 4mnths,my husband sent me to moms place telling he is going to travel and sent a letter through lawyer for divorce with mutual consent…we have been trying to talk to him but he doesn’t want to talk to any of us nor allow anyone of us to come home…reason he gives is a fight that happened between both families 1.5yrs back and my reaction then…my husband is nice person and very matured…im not able to figure why he is behaving this way…I love my husband a lot and want to spend my whole life with him…I know he also loves me…dont know how to make the marriage work out as he doesn’t talk to me,dont take my calls,doesn’t meet me nor I’m allowed home…kindly suggest how can I get my husband back,save my marriage

  23. Good morning sir,I am 36 years and still single searching for a soulmate to be happily married soon,can u please help me as I am searching since very long please give me the mantras mudra or exercise needed thanks in adlvance would be really grateful

  24. My husband plays video games as soon as he comes home from work and won’t pay attention to the kids or me. He eats dinner and plays more games or falls asleep. I love him and want him to be happy, but the kids want him to play with them and I’d like to be able to talk with him. I do miss how loving he was in the beginning of the marriage. What can I do?

  25. Dear swami ji

    I am a kumaoni girl in love with a punjabi boy from last 1 year. His parents are ready for marriage but my parents are against it.

    His details :
    Name- Ayush Bajaj
    DOB- 9 feb 1986 at 07:30 am
    Place- sonepat

    My details:
    Name- Neeru Rawat ( in kundli- yogita prasidh namna neeru rawat )
    Dob- 22 may 1989 at 02:30 am
    Place- delhi.

    Kindly suggest something.

  26. Respected Sir,

    firstly i ask sorry with you for contacting you through your Personal Id. Please forgive me. I have gone through Website but unable to post my problem. Unable to have a communication with you. So found this way.

    I heard from my friend about you and your simple, energetic remedies to a problems. So i decided to share my problems with you sir, hoping that i ll get solution at the Earliest.

    My self is Shobha. I have lost my parents at the age of 8. I have one sister she is younger than me. My grandma is taking care of us. now i am 25 year old. God grace i have got job in co-operative bank one year back. Financially middle class. Major Problem is my marriage. We gone through the various proposals, all of them will only see our financial condition not me, as my grand ma having small property in bangalore . she is unable to fulfill their expectation as she is 74 year old now, and more over i dont want to give problem to her at this age. Due to this reason i decided to get engaged in Love Affair and get marry a middle class person. ( My Date of Birth 16-08-1989 morning 5-55am)

    His Name is Chethan. He only proposed me first then i accepted it. Our and his family decided to conduct marrige. WE fixed Marrige date to coming june 22nd also. They also expect us to take care of all expenditure and all aspect. We refused to something. As a result Chethan refused to marry me, he asked to wait for one year.

    In our family only 3 womens are there. No body will protecting us. Every body used to misuse us finacially, mentally, physically, sexually also. As a result of all this circumstances, Without my knowledge my mind started thinking negative about my grand ma death. We are not having any caring heart and soul apart from her. So we dont want to loose her.

    I need Solution :
    Remove Fear about my Grandma Death
    Solution to get marry a person who is suitable to my family.
    Shall i accept Chethan, if he comes back ?
    To be Positive , to fill positiveness in our home.
    please give me solution sir

  27. Namaste naran ji,

    Mera husband bilkul badal gaya hai. Or har cheez apne parents and bhai ko bata ta hai or vahi karta hai jo uski ma bolti hai. Or uske parents hamari married life ko kharab kar rahe hain bahut zyada interference hain mere in laws ka. Mera husband kehta hai he doesnot love me and its better we should get divorced. Abhi to mere in laws foreign country me hain but jald hi yaha ane vale hain. 24 hours meri mother in law kabi skype pe, kabi viber par to kabhi whatsapp par mere husband ko mere khilaf bolti rehti hai. Please kuch batayein jis se mera husband meri sunne or mere in laws hamare pass na ane ka soche. Please help.
    Ples help.

  28. Vandhena Krishnaswamy

    Hi Naran , My aunt has told a lot about you and your services . I have written my MBA exam , totally three papers for which I really couldnt study since I had to work at office and then go home and study . These are the last final papers . If I clear , I will be a PG graduate and it’s already my arrear papers . I really do not want to fail this time . I wrote 398 and kept under my pillow and now chanting 323 .Plz plz help me and suggest what I should do for passing . results will come in 15 days . Please reply

  29. hi sir tis is anand from mysore. i am love with girl past 5 yrs, my parents accept my love but her parents not accepting . past 2 yrs m trying to marry her bt still not marry. pls solve my problem . main problem is intercast .pls reply me soon as possible

  30. Please help me,my son 31yrs is not wanting to get married.

  31. Naran Sir, I really want to marry the love of my life. We have become very successful in our careers and now I feel I should have a family and a home with him. Please help!

  32. Naran Sir, from past 2 years we are searching for a girl, but not finding that right match.
    The proposal which are coming i don’t like at all. I am highly educated and i have also done many remedies regarding marriage from astrologer but none worked. Please help me so that i can find good girl for marriage and get married soon.

  33. Hi Naren,
    I recently come across your website while searching a switchword for marriage.
    I am facing lots of issues for marriage. Whenever nice proposals comes it didn’t work out at all. Recently I like this guy for marriage things were going good but then suddenly he stopped the conversation.
    Kind help needed.
    Thanking you in Advance.

  34. hello naran sir,
    i am a 29 years old girl. completed MBA .my mother is tensed due to my marriage, she wants me to get married soon. marriage is getting deleyed. and i agree with my mom as well. but do not know whats going on.. lots of unknown problems coming in our way too. not getting a good match. if matches come, for some reason does not reach to fruitful conversation. plz help me out to find a good and honest guy .. is there any switch word ,can be chanted by me to get married soon.
    it would be divine help for me..we will be waiting for your reply sir….

  35. I’m a 22 year old female
    At the age of 17 I had a beautiful relationship which lasted for 2.5years
    But we eventually brokeup because of his mother problem
    We had minor caste problems
    He was a rich good looking guy so after thatu expectations were set very high
    But at the age of 22 I happen to fall in love with a very simple man we had a great relationship for 4 months
    He belonged to the same caste and everything still his mother had a problem
    What should I chant in order to get any one of them back
    Because now I don’t want any other relation
    Please help

  36. I’m a 22 year old female
    At the age of 17 I had a beautiful relationship which lasted for 2.5years
    But we eventually brokeup because of his mother problem
    We had minor caste problems
    He was a rich good looking guy so after thatu expectations were set very high
    But at the age of 22 I happen to fall in love with a very simple man we had a great relationship for 4 months
    He belonged to the same caste and everything still his mother had a problem
    What should I chant in order to get any one of them back
    Because now I don’t want any other relation as both the times I have faced same problems
    Please help

  37. I have been married for 4yrs, its love marriage.

    Husband left his job and scouting for business opportunities for last 4yrs but nothing clicking. Most of the time he is idle at home and has got hooked on to social media like watsapp, facebook (he has a large social network)
    He doesn’t like to spend time with me. But he has time for meeting his friends and attending events like bike ride, marathon run,etc.
    Plus my mother in law has infused thoughts into his mind like ‘ i dont value him or respect him’

    He has become very rigid and developed bad ego and attitude. He always thinks negative about me. I don’t have any emotional or financial support from him

    I delivered a baby and presently at my maternal house. There was again a dispute at the time of getting discharged and he walked away saying “its the end”. since then he has not contacted me or come to see baby. its almost two months now.

    Pls can you help me with some chants or mantras to get my husband back as a loving and caring person that he was

  38. hello naran sir,
    I am Priya. I am writing this msg for my elder Sister Poonam’s marriage (She is 3rd degree Reiki practitioner). At present her age is 36yrs. We have shown her kundali to lot many astrologers, taro card readers , done many things as guided by them but still not able to get a single suitable match for her. At the age of 28 one engagement of her was broken after that till today we try to find a groom for her but never get any good proposal for her. I am presently 31yrs & happily married. I really want to see her settled down in her family life. She is very much disappointed for her luck. Pls. guide me so that i can help her so that she can get perfect life partner for her. Awaiting for your valuable reply. I am writing 1st time to you so pls. let me know if any further details are required from our end.

  39. Dear Sir,

    One of Astrologer said that I will be attracted to opposite sex, and more attached to him than husband. Please suggest me how to strengthen my Married Life. I Love my husband and i am more attached to husband, after astrologers words now bit scared. please need your help on this.

  40. Dear Sir i have done my BE in 2012 from then i’m searching for job in IT field, last year i have done software course also but i’m not getting job or interviews in IT field, i want to work in IT sector. what can i want to do please help me. My name is pavitha DOB 2 june 1990 night 9.33

  41. I need your guidance for Switch word For solution to come out from my personal problem.

    My wife is very cruel to me and my family, she oftens abuses and does suicide attempts, very negative minded and short tempered .

    I do not want to live with her and need Divorce from her but she is not ready to give me divorce

    Please suggest me some Switch word to use to get Fast Divorce from my cruel Wife.

  42. Hi Naran – i came across your website and found it very interesting and what you are doing to solve people’s issues. Really grateful to see so many people have brought positive changes in their lives. I am writing here to look for your suggestions in my current situation:

    I am 40 year female, was married for 8 years but now separated for 4 months. Husband is very clear about this decision. It was long due from his side as we are fundamentally very different from each other. He is the first man ever in my life and i was/am quite attached to him emotionally. i am living alone and quite stable emotionally but sometimes miss him and his presence in life. There is no bitterness in both of us. we talk, msg and meet each other.

    Is there a way to get back together? Anything you recommend?


  43. I am not getting married. I have a boyfriend earlier he was ready for marriage but now he is not and there are problems in our relation. And i dnt feel like to do job i am nt satisfied by my self dnt love myself and my mind is not at peace please help

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