Delay in Getting Married

Solution @ your fingertips Part I: Mudra Healing combined with Releasing techniques (RULE your KARMA) and Switch Words


I have just come across your website. I am 28 now. My marriage is delayed. No good proposal coming. I am very much upset. Pls suggest a solution for me


  1. Be in Chin Mudra and release all your present emotions and thoughts. Chant “I release my desire to get married”
  2. Be in the Heart Mudra and say, “I release the unknown past memories that prevent me from getting married”
  3. Be in the Vital Essence (Hara) Mudra and chant ” I release my resistance to marry and I love myself totally”
  4. Be in the Vitality Mudra and chant” TOGETHER LOVE BE NOW”
  5. Be in the Pushan Mudra and chant “THANKS. RELEASE RESISTANCE CHANGE NOW”

Please check out the following link to find the instructions to do the Mudras:

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Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. can everyone follow this for delayed marriage or is it only for those you answer,,? for i also need a remedy for delayed marriage

  2. sree,
    you can follow

  3. dear sir,

    my marriage is getting delayed…..all wrong proposals r coming up …none of dem wer ma choice…m already 30…plz help me to find a gd life partner soon of ma choice

  4. Do the exercise as above mentioned.

    Write the name of the bride, draw a circle over it, and write the word Crow around it. She will invite the right partner.

    To get married – chant “Lalitham Sadashivam”.

    Lalitham Sadashivam – the inner meaning is “Ardha Nareeswara” – a perfect blend of male and female. What is marriage? If you are a female, when we go in search of a male – You will select the right person when your male-female aspects are in balance. Right person will come; this mantra will help so that the most-fitting person becomes the husband. For those who are unmarried you are fortunate to have this mantra.

  5. im a girl … wt mantra cn i chant to find a right life partner soon of ma choice…rite nw m chanting lalitham lambodaram….hv cm across many proposals bt none of dem wer ma choice….i wnt a well settled, decent, kindhearted n gd life partner soon…m worried abt ma age

  6. above ans was for you only..
    Also do the above mudra exercise given for delayed marriage

    write your name in a circle,draw another concentric circle and write “CROW”.;;for inviting right partner
    Chant “Lalitham Sadashivam” for right selection of partner .
    Do not worry,it may further increase the problem state.
    , ..U can also chant “VALLABHAM GAJANANAM EKADANTHAM:”

  7. hello,
    i am a 29 yr old girl, i am getting proposal for marriage but either we (me and my family) dont like it or it does not get mature… also recently i lost my job too.. worried about my future.. kindly suggest.. priority is marriage at this moment. but looking forward to fix my both the problems soon.. help

    • p,


      • hi,

        i m chanting “VALLABHAM GAJANANAM EKADANTHAM:” but still my marriage is yet not fixed…
        Now there is so much pressure on parents and me .. kindly help.. looking out for some quick solution. Now things seems to be too dark to me…

  8. How many times we have to chant lalitham sadashivam

  9. Naranji, you are helping millions and millions solving their problems in life. Kindly suggest remedy for my niece. She is 33 years of age. She is engineer by profession and having a reasonable job. She is good looking but somewhat dark in colour. She also has Moola Nakshtra. So getting rejected mostly on these two grounds. Her brother got married one and half year back and now this girl is creating lot of problem for brother and his wife. She also goes and knocks on door when the couple is sleeping. She is basically frustrated and she did not felt loved by anybody in the family. Please sir, help her in getting married to suitable good boy and tell me what she should do or what her mother or I can do for her to get married.

    The Important thing is, my sister showed her horoscope to some pandits and they said it is very very difficult for her to get married.
    Can you please suggest remedy
    With pranams

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  11. my sister date s 14-4-84 n her marriage gettin delyed plz tell mi salution.

  12. Gm sir,
    I am 25 now and family is looking out for my marriage.I have mangal dosh,there are many proposals coming bt our expectations are yet to meet.All my relatives are very jealous and interfering and tell my parents that make your daughter marry soon as love is less important in life.I am looking for a husband who loves me and to whom I am able to give my fullest love so that we live together for the life time.Do I need to chant anything?
    Please help
    Thank you.

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